Battersea Power Station


London, United Kingdom | 2003-2004 | Concept design

Gustafson Porter + Bowman’s design for the landscape at Battersea Power Station was the winning entry in an international design competition organised by Parkview International in 2003. The concept integrated the power station’s post-industrial monolithic structure into a contemporary, accessible and multi-functional public park.

The design is comprised of a series of complimentary spaces which animate the approach to the iconic building. Ramped routes rise from the river walk through a sculpted park with bold 'strata' planting and onto an expansive elevated water terrace. Here, rectangular water features ebb and flow with the tide, thus animating the space and creating a focus for play or relaxation. For large events the 'tidal' water feature can be drained to make use of the entire hard surface. Sunken gardens adjacent to the Power Station provide intimate spaces and dramatic views of the building. 

The landscape design for Battersea Power Station landscape is one of ‘Energy’. Conceptually, this energy flow starts below ground and manifests itself on the ground level through elements such as the Water Feature on the North Park and the Crystal on the South Park designed by West 8 as collaborating landscape architects. The planting strategy along the Northern side is comprised of dense planting to encourage a direct relationship with water and the earth and is punctuated by glass lights in the paving. 

Our landscape design concept contrasts the timeless industrial energy of the building with the ephemeral energy of water and nature whilst seeking to rationalise the pedestrian movement between the river and the wider Battersea development.
— Neil Porter, Founding Partner
Courtesy of Land Securities