Moorfields Eye Hospital


London, United Kingdom | 2018

Working in collaboration with Bennetts Associates, Reaich and Hall, Buro Happold Engineering and MJ medical, our proposals for Moorfields Eye Hospital place the new centre in an entirely green setting. The design seeks to create a different type of hospital experience, with a greater focus on the quality of the physical environment which looks to a future with lower carbon emissions.

The proposed site at Pancras Gardens is an oasis of calm in this densely developed part of London. Our masterplan for the site ties this landscape to the new hospital, with extensive planting around the base and through all levels of the building. This internal and external landscape humanises the user experience for the public and medical/research staff alike, acting as an orientation device with a range of sensory interests.

The scale of the new building mediates between the retained historic buildings and new development to the north. The main rectangular volume of the building is set back from Pancras Way with the lowest three levels projecting outwards towards the street. This provides a change of scale where the street is most constricted and creates a prominent and easily accessible series of generous public and private entrances. The design has been driven by concern for visually impaired people. For example, internal planting assists in creating a non-visual sense of place, enabling sensible introduction of smell as a feature as well as creating a particularly ‘visual’ environment for the partially sighted.

The public realm and landscape design maintains a relationship between the wider natural and urban realm and the internal planting inside the building. This creates a continuous journey for the visitor, providing a range of sensory spaces and experiences. Primarily the purpose is to provide a calm, healthy and supportive environment that transitions the visitor from the frenetic external environment to a calm and tranquil environment within.

Our proposals were shortlisted in December 2018 as 1 of 5 teams as part of a RIBA-managed competition.