Club Aliga


Budapest, Hungary | 2007-2009 | Masterplan proposals

Located 120km from Budapest and situated on the biggest freshwater lake in Central Europe, Club Aliga was once used as the Communist leaders’ summer retreat and remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hungary. Located in the Northeast of the lake, the 47 hectare site is comprised of 1.5 km of coastline, 180 marina births, a ferry stop, a beach, lush forests, dramatic cliff edges and parkland.

Working in collaboration with RMJM, Gustafson Porter + Bowman’s landscape masterplan proposals provide a permeable, open and publicly accessible development for the existing and proposed communities, whilst allowing for the development of 250,000m2 of floor area distributed across commercial, residential and hospitality development. Great care was taken to ensure that the existing natural landscape elements were protected whilst 75% of the site was allocated for publicly accessible recreational areas.

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2008 Masterplan (KCAP)
Courtesy of Land Securities