Humber Bridge


Hull, United Kingdom | 2018-

The Humber Bridge strategic masterplan aims to create a destination that will stimulate, excite and inspire visitors and the populace of the Humber, by using the Humber’s iconic landmark as the catalyst.

Working in collaboration with a team including Ian Ritchie Architects, Atelier One, and Atelier Ten, the masterplan advances the Humber Bridge area and the economic and inward investment agenda of the region. The masterplan proposes a phased strategy over 10 years with a sequence of chronologically-developed spaces. It proposes bringing together the Humber Bridge Board’s land with the Humber Bridge Country Park to create an engineered landscape of experiences and activities designed to encourage an appreciation of, and participation in, the Humber Bridge’s history, engineering and its surrounding topography.

The northern bank is identified for the majority of the proposed Humber Bridge destination attractions, whilst the southern bank sites further develop a pan-regional holistic masterplan. The combined sites are an opportunity to create an ecologically valuable public space for both local inhabitants and tourists, which is also an unusual and beautiful engineered interactive landscape. The topography of the quarry is exploited with the addition of new bridges, walkways, and kinetic and sculptural installations - all designed to create visually attractive and viscerally thrilling experiences.