Jeddah Metropolitan Park


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia | 2005-2007 | Concept and detailed design

Situated just north of the Tropic of Cancer, Jeddah is one of the gateways to Saudia Arabia – a city distinguished by the richness of its trading history. This tradition is matched by its current importance as the route through to Mecca for millions of religious pilgrims throughout the Muslim world.

Jeddah, placed between the desert and the sea, becomes the line of confluence for people, culture, landscapes and ideas, articulated through the development and construction of the NDC Park. It is integral to a city-wide effort to establish a system of three linear green spaces linking the mountains with the sea. Gustafson Porter + Bowman’s design is a direct response to the extremely arid climate – a 12.5km linear park for local residents and visitors with gardens, promenades and squares that connect key city districts.

The design creates a pedestrianised infrastructure within the city where people feel comfortable and safe in what is currently often a hot, car-orientated and polluted environment.

Through the use of light, water, land movement and plants, this park will create a sequence of distinctive identities to develop recreational activities and opportunities for shopping and socializing and to highlight Jeddah’s fame as a city of sculpture and art.

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Courtesy of Land Securities