Laveno Park


Lake Maggiore, Italy | 2007 | Concept design

The site's surrounding landscape is rich in context, the vegetation is diverse and lush and provides inspiration for the design of a public park along the lake and the alleys and piazzas located within the future residential development that make links with the existing town.

The concept for the park is to create a strong visual and physical link between the mountain and the lake, creating a contemporary interpretation of the neighbouring baroque gardens, Isola Bella and Isola Madre: sunny planted terraces punctuated by intimate squares, green walls, vegetation running through and over stepped and ramped routes, from bright coloured flowers (Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, Lantana…) to dark green ground cover, offering natural events with the change in seasons to all.

The purpose of the park linked by a row of Albizzia with Laveno’s existing lake promenade is to attract people towards the lake and its serene and magnificent wide open vistas, using pergolas framing views. The changing aspects of the lake are reflected by a pond surrounded by nympheas and other water plants at the west entrance of the park and reinterpreted in the selection of a subtle palette of silver plants which extend metaphorically into the lake. In the opposing direction the park creates a level terrace for the town that climbs the slope of the verdant mountain.

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