London Metropolitan University

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London, United Kingdom | 2017-2018

Won in invited competition, our work at London Metropolitan University’s Holloway Campus sought to unify a disparate collection of existing buildings and provide a new ‘heart’ at the centre of campus which feels relaxed and can be a place where one wants to spend time. The design responds to the surrounding building’s entrances without feeling fragmented, and spoke of being part of a forward-looking and buzzing educational facility.

Working within the University’s own Five Year plan and an existing masterplan, our design responds to a brief to: mediate connections with surrounding buildings and access from Holloway Road, including the pedestrianisation of Slaney Street and Rollit Street; create a central space which transforms the campus and provides an asset to the estate; work with Transport for London to develop new traffic calming initiatives; encourage the 13,000 students and staff from 150 countries to use the new square for a variety of uses whilst upholding their ‘One Campus, One Community’ initiative; and deliver a noteworthy scheme which is of architectural merit.

The design heightens the visual and sensory experience for users across campus, improves orientation and wayfinding, strengthens links with the wider public and local communities, provides space for University events and external events and exhibitions to be a central amenity space for staff and students, and be integral with the wider proposals of the masterplan.

Model of proposed developed campus © Design Engine Architects

Model of proposed developed campus © Design Engine Architects

The design responds to the redevelopment of the surrounding building’s to ensure that the square forms part of a forward-looking and buzzing educational facility.

The intention is to unify the disparate collection of existing buildings by providing a new square that acts as the destination and heart of campus life.
— Eduardo Carranza, Senior Associate
We believe this project has the potential to create a landmark space in Holloway.

We want the people of Islington to feel as much a part of London Met as our students and staff do. Creating a new shared public space at the heart of our campus will be a contribution to our community and better reflect our values as a university.

We believe education should be available to all with the potential to succeed, and that universities must work with, and benefit their local communities.
— Professor John Raftery, Vice Chancellor of London Metropolitan University