Millennium Quarter


London, United Kingdom | 2008 | Concept design

The Isle of Dogs has a unique landscape and history of development due to its topography which follows the meandering river Thames. The Millharbour site has a rich history tied to the industrial revolution and the development of the Docklands. Canary Wharf emerged as a financial centre in the 1990s, supported by the addition of the DLR which improved transport links in to central London.

The landscape concept aims to create a contemporary public realm that acknowledges the history of the site whilst also addressing issues of flooding, rain water collection, and the re-cycling of water within the development, with the aim of exploring how landscape and buildings can work together in a mutually beneficial way. Digital technologies have the capability to measure natural phenomena and help to explain the interaction between man and his environment.

The landscape explores these two contrasting but interlinked conceptual starting points which characterise the two development sites. Water, which defines and characterises the Docklands, is used as the element which links the different sites.

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