Chelsea Barracks


London, United Kingdom | 2014-

Since 2014 Gustafson Porter + Bowman have been working on the concept design and development of the landscape element at Chelsea Barracks, West London. In addition to working on Phases 1-4 & 6, we have provided additional services to the sitewide plan and the landscape surrounding the Grade II-listed chapel on site.

To define the relationship between the architecture and outdoor spaces within the development, reference is made to the surrounding urban character of Chelsea. This includes the red-brick buildings of the Cadogan Estate, through to one of the oldest villages in Chelsea which is adjacent to the site. Our design embodies these timeless qualities in the use of historic railings, high quality paving materials and urban furniture, a carefully selected planting. The sequence of squares throughout the scheme evoke this character and continue the historic urban grid.

The masterplan integrates a variety of public squares which respond to different needs and uses across the site. Our design proposals include a productive garden at the heart of the scheme. Framed by two lines of fruit trees, rows of ornamental crops, flowers and herbs present a constantly changing colourful landscape. Primary pedestrian routes through the square engage visitors and residents with the productive garden, while benches are provide to encourage lingering and enjoyment of the space.