Our Team


Ana Abram

Ana’s main design interest is creating spaces with a strong identity which build upon the socio-political and natural influences on a site. Her design research approach is based on understanding complex urban systems from both a strategic approach down to human-scale viewpoints.

Androniki Strongioglou

Androniki has extensive experience of all stages of the design process, from inception through to completion. Before joining Gustafson Porter in 2016, she worked for Peter Cook’s award-winning CRAB studio in London, as well as Martha Schwartz Partners

Gilles De Wever

Gilles is passionate about innovative design solutions to create successful urban environments and landscapes which are functional and sustainable. He has deep knowledge and interest in plants, horticulture, gardens and planting schemes which he enjoys integrating into his design ideas.

Haowen Lin

Haowen joined Gustafson Porter + Bowman in 2017 and is chiefly working on a major public realm project in Beijing. She is interested in art, landscape, architecture, and their relationship with the living environment. 


Katya Larina

As an established architect and urban designer, Katya specialises in using computer modelling to respond to complex urban design strategies and systems. As an architect and urban designer, Katya has been involved in international projects in Russia, the UK, Germany, Spain, Singapore and China since 2002. 

Lesley Perez

Lesley is interested in the ways in which landscapes are physically articulated and experienced using a range of narrative techniques. Her work is shaped by a diverse background, including a previous career in graphic design and training in dance and fine art. 

Magdalena Cornejo

Magdalena has worked at architectural practices in Argentina and Italy, on projects in Germany, Italy, Argentina, Russia, Algeria and Dubai. She has extensive experience of all stages of the design process, from inception and concept development through to construction and completion. 

Tom van de Bospoort

Tom is interested in the relationship between the disciplines of urban planning, landscape architecture and urban design. Through his work he seeks to explore their methods and techniques to create environmentally sound urban spaces.


Zeltia Vega Santiago

Zeltia’s main design interest is creating spaces where landscape considers social and economic conditions over time, and making these spaces dynamic and activated over time. Prior to joining Gustafson Porter + Bowman, Zeltia worked as a landscape architect at Townshend Landscape Architects in London, and D’ici la Paysagistes, in Paris. 


Alberto Campagnoli

Alberto joined in 2016 and has principally worked on new projects in the Far East. He is interested in the relationship between art, architecture and landscape, specifically the innate relation with natural forms and proportions.

Elena Androulakaki

Elena is interested in ways in which good design can have a positive effect on communities and improving the quality of people’s lives.


Günther Galligioni

Günther joined the practice in 2012 and has since been involved in several international projects and competitions, covering all design stages. He is currently leading two projects in the Far East. 


Janet Burley

Janet manages Gustafson Porter + Bowman's finances on a daily basis, including cash flow and financial planning. She joined the practice in 2008 and has many years’ experience in finance for small organisations. 


Lada Vitkova

Lada has contributed to the practice’s growth with efficient administration of our accounts and premises. Lada is a crucial part of the support team who work alongside design staff on a daily basis.


Lida Driva

Lida has been always interested in the multidisciplinary approach of architecture and its multiple reflection on art. Her belief that nature is the foundation upon which art and architecture operate has driven her interest in landscape architecture.

Martin Koenig

Martin takes his inspiration from the exploration of landscapes and public spaces in relation to their historical context, cultural influences and morphological composition. His aim is to accomplish holistic designs, merging local and social aspects to create unique and lasting spaces. 

Nina Kolbeck

Nina's current projects include the high-end residential project Lincoln Square, a retail project in West London, a large scale public realm project in Rotterdam and Lusail Plaza, Qatar. 



Tim Cook

Tim joined Gustafson Porter + Bowman in 2016 after working in Sydney, Australia, where his involvement in the design processes of a wide range of projects and their unique responses to site, brief and budget provided him with invaluable experience across a range of project scales and types.

Alexandra Giovani

Alexandra has a diverse academic background which reflects her interests in landscape, architecture and design. Her work embodies the belief that a fundamental human element blurs the boundaries between these three disciplines and makes the work powerful and liberating for all users.

Eduardo Carranza

Eduardo joined Gustafson Porter + Bowman in 2006 and has been involved in high-profile international projects. He interested in how landscape architecture can provide aesthetic, workable and sustainable design solutions within the built environment. 

Gabriella Harkness

Gabi is interested in the role that landscape can have on physical and mental well-being in urban environments and its ability of enrich the lives of a population.



Joe Pundek

Joe manages international competitions, bids and tenders, marketing communications and PR, including the development of collateral such as brochures and books.


Laura Bogon

Laura joined Gustafson Porter + Bowman in 2013 and has since been involved in a high-end residential project in Hong Kong, CityLife Park in Milan and as project architect for the National Holocaust Memorial competition in London. 

Lucy Cullis

Lucy holds a strong belief in the social value of well designed public space, in particular the value of green spaces in an urban context. Prior to joining the practice in 2015, she worked for a number of practices in London, for private and public sector clients. 

Miguel Pampulha

Miguel’s interest lies in the dynamic interaction between ecological, social and economic processes. His design approach focuses on understanding these processes to define the character of the site, not only geographical but also the historical, social, and aesthetic.

Rebecca Kirby

As Practice Manager and PA, Rebecca manages the day-to-day running of the practice as well as providing extensive support to each of the Partners. She is also responsible for HR and recruitment, Health & Safety, office policies and procedures, IT contracts and managing the travel schedules for all staff.