Trinity Square


Nottingham, United Kingdom | 2014 | Concept design

Trinity Square is a public square within one of the UK’s largest city centre mixed-used developments. Our proposal aimed to recuperate the active, cultural and multifunctional character that this area historically had.

The design provides a flexible space that can change character, from day to night, from season to season and as varying events require. The square should appear active and safe when empty, and then when full of activity, it should appear spacious and calm. The ground plane is manipulated to generate terraced flat areas in which different activities can take place. The level change between these terraces is resolved by placing continuous benches at their edges in which visitors can rest and relax. The widest and flattest platform is located next to the building façade, which allows for a more relaxed and flexible space in which the existing restaurants and cafes can spill out into the square and animate the space.

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