Luton Street


London, United Kingdom | 2015- | Planning approved

Located within Westminster’s Church Street area, the Luton Street project is a landmark, design-led development comprised of both public and private realm that will provide 150 new homes.

The existing Green Spine initiative restores a pedestrian connection through the reopening of the historic north-south access route between Fisherton Street and Salisbury Street. This planted route forms a buffer to the residential units on the ground floor creating privacy for the residents and a planted landscape for the public to enjoy. Other landscape elements include a courtyard garden, a private residential garden, several small street-level gardens for social housing, brown roofs, and climber planter walls within the streetscape. Benches create south-facing seating and a gathering space for residents. A subtle landform, mirrored from the centre of the spine, 'flares' at each end, drawing people into the space.

The project was submitted for planning in September 2017. Following anticipated approval in Spring 2018, works are due to commence on site in June 2018 with full completion scheduled for August 2020.

Working within the Green Spine initiative, our design restores pedestrian connections between the surrounding neighbourhood and the Church Street area, whilst creating a densely planted landscape for the public and residents to enjoy
— Mary Bowman, Partner