Our innovative designs manipulate the ground plane to create steps, ramps and level changes which unfold and change as the visitor experiences them. Our sensual landforms define space in a sculptural way.


As well as storing, processing and purifying water, our landscape designs enrich the sensory experience with water, expressing changes in level and inviting people to engage; from reflective rainwater pools to splashing fountains, from naturalised lakes to drainable water features capable of accommodating crowds.


We use plants to structure space. Working with shape, size, texture, sun patterns and existing soils, we develop planting schemes to enhance the site’s assets. We look for complexity in simplicity, producing bold schemes with a high degree of textural and seasonal variation.


Lighting is integral part to the choreography of our landscapes. Ceilings of starlight animate public spaces when dusk falls, creating atmosphere, enhancing a sense of safety and encouraging extended use.


Our ecological strategies range from native seed collection and habitat protection to the creation of ecological areas within larger public amenity spaces. Our work balances human requirements of the public realm with those of biodiversit


Our work preserves and enhances the natural environment, promoting positive environmental and social outcomes. We design landscapes which balance human and environmental requirements, offering creative and pragmatic solutions in urban contexts.


Our award-winning designs enshrine best practice, limiting obstacles to movement and sight. Our urban landscapes demonstrate positive community take-up and a marked reduction in anti-social behaviour

Inclusive design

We put people at the heart of our designs; spending time understanding the local community and listening to their needs. We strive to design simple, uncluttered and barrier-free environments which promote choice, flexibility of use and enable everyone to participate equally.