Historical context

Society’s past activities leave physical and emotional imprints. Our designs reference the past in subtle and distinct ways; from the selection of plants and materials, to the composition and layout of spaces, to the inclusion of historic artefacts and archaeological finds.


Factors such as climate, topography, geographic location and history define the character of any location. We undertake extensive research into every landscape we design in order to interpret its unique features in our design.

Community consultation

Sustainable communities need to build in the capacity for growth and change, and community consultation is an essential starting point for this work. We welcome the opportunity to engage with the public and other stakeholders and to receive feedback on our work.

Cultural programme

Our landscapes are flexible and robust, capable of supporting varied and inspiring cultural programmes, such as concerts, shows, fairs, attractions and leisure activities


The highly technical nature of our work means we collaborate with a wide range of specialists, from leading architects and engineers to soil scientists, botanists, archaeologists and irrigation designers. We also have excellent relationships with academic institutions, contractors and suppliers.

Commercial planning

We support public realm management teams in the preparation of strategic economic and development plans. This includes assessing potential programmatic uses and supporting retail and events teams in detailing issues from event locations and capacities to access routes, safety and lighting.


Our award-winning designs enshrine best practice, limiting obstacles to movement and sight. Our urban landscapes demonstrate positive community take-up and a marked reduction in anti-social behaviour

Inclusive design

We put people at the heart of our designs; spending time understanding the local community and listening to their needs. We strive to design simple, uncluttered and barrier-free environments which promote choice, flexibility of use and enable everyone to participate equally.