Mezyad Desert Park


Al Ain, Abu Dhabi | 2007-2012 | Concept and detailed design

Mezyad Desert Park and Visitor Centre is located on the Oman border, 9km south of Al Ain to the east of Jebel Hafit Mountain in Abu Dhabi. It comprises 4,000 hectares of predominantly gravel plain desert as well as historic features such as Bronze Age tombs, Lithic finds and the 19th century Mezyad Fort.

The brief was to restore and preserve the desert ecology and develop the park as an educational resource and visitor attraction. The site has been heavily impacted by a variety of disturbances including overgrazing which has reduced the current ecological and scenic value of the land. Intensive landscape restoration will be undertaken prior to the opening of the Park to reclaim the site and assist its return to a healthy and biologically diverse desert environment.

The exhibition within the new Visitor Centre will educate people about the importance and significance of the landscape. A series of interpretation trails within the desert park will provide defined and safe public access to this fragile and unique landscape.

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Courtesy of Land Securities