Rhine Terrace approaches completion

We recently visited our Rhine Terrace project in Basel, Switzerland - due for full completion in 2018.

The project transforms an industrial site into a contemporary urban parkland with expansive views of the River Rhine and a diverse sequence of spaces which enhance campus life. 

Situated on the border between France and Switzerland, the longitudinal shape of Rhine Terrace is framed by campus buildings to the west, the French border to the north, the River Rhine to the east, and an adjacent park to the south by Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten. The design of the topography and planting creates a riparian landscape which encourages exploration and serves as an important ecological corridor.

Our design references the geomorphic and botanic landscape of the post-glacial Upper Rhine Valley and strengthens the relationship between the campus and the river. The 1.7 ha site is comprised of a rich layer of ornamental and structural plants which are divided into a series of distinct spaces. While dense perennial, fern and grass planting borders pathways, a salix and cornus mix extends across the open spaces, providing varied colour throughout the year. A trimmed grass lawn forms the horizon against which the River Rhine can be seen in the distance.

Kathryn Gustafson  on site, June 2017

Kathryn Gustafson on site, June 2017